To Do Lists

After reading the article, “To Do: A Checklist for Your Twenties” I decided to come up with my own to do list for my twenties. There has been a lot of talk lately centered around 20 years old’s arguing that these are some of the most formative years. Having just entered my 20’s a little less than a month ago I wanted to create a list, to keep me focused on my goals and hopefully to not let this decade get away from me!

  1. Graduate from UT
  2. Start my first big girl job
  3. Read, write, and speak fluent Hebrew
  4. Travel to 5 new countries
  5. Live and Work in Washington, DC
  6. Start a Collection
  7. Start a 401(k)
  8. Volunteer 1hour a week for an entire year
  9. Take a cooking class
  10. Meet Sheryl Sandberg
  11. Be Spontaneous in a big way
  12. Blog for a year

In order to keep myself accountable here is also a Goal List for my Fellowship:

  1. Hear POTUS and/or VPOTUS speak
  2. Keep a balanced budget
  3. Complete my DC To See and Do List
  4. Find a job in DC at the end of the year
  5. Meet Bradley Whitford 

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