United State of Women


Almost three weeks later and I still cannot believe that I had the utmost privilege of attending the United State of Women Summit. There are truly no words to describe the incredible energy I felt as I entered the convention center to be greeted by hundreds and thousand of remarkable women, leaders, change makers, and activists. I am still processing all of the wisdom that was shared throughout that unforgettable day. From Vice President Biden, to Gloria Steinem, to Shonda Rhimes, the President, and the First Lady it was truly a star studded lineup of speakers and panelists.

Some of my favorite moments included listening to the Vice President stand up unapologetically for the safety of women. Not only did he reaffirm that “every single woman has fundamental right to be free from violence” but he also reminded us that we have more PicCollage.pngwork to do to prevent rape. He put out an action call to everyone in the room noting that “it is not just about changing our laws, it is about changing our culture. ” This was followed later in the day by President Obama proudly announcing, “this is what a feminist looks like.”
As I think back to that incredible day a chill goes through my spine. Something is changing in this country and I could not be more excited to be a part of this movement to stand up and fight for women and girls in every room, on every playing field, in every corner of the earth.

To catch a glimpse of the magic that was the United State of Women check out their website here and be sure to watch the video below!