Listen to your heart

Seems like these days life is going a thousand miles a minute — summer is here, work is busier than normal, and there is always an endless list of things to do. This is why I’ve found it more important than ever to take a step back and really checkin with myself.

When it feels like you can’t catch a break it is normal to get caught up in the smallest things. Each item on the list is seemingly more important than the next and it becomes almost impossible to see how it all fits into the bigger picture. Its times like these when I find myself wishing away the days, counting down the hours till I can go home and just flop on the couch.

Now normally I pride myself on living in the moment, because I know that life is short and no single moment should be taken for granted. However, it is in those moments when deep down I know something is wrong and I haven’t been listening to my heart, that I get the most caught up in the small details of life. Why you ask – well I like to be in control and when everything around me seems to be spinning I know that I can at least control those smaller details, like making my bed and packing a lunch.

After the tragedy in Orlando this past week, I was shocked into remembering just how short life really is and it reminded me that in order to live a life worth living I needed to grapple with the scary questions that were coming my way.


In short – I made a huge life decision a few months back that will affect my future in a big way. Over time I had started to question this decision, but rather than let myself listen to my concerns, I pushed them down thinking that I had already made the decision and I needed to go forward with it. But in this last week after struggling to understand the tragedy in Orlando, I realized that life is too short to settle. So, I let all my fears and questions come rushing forward full speed ahead.

Rather than focusing on the small details of the day I took a step back and really thought about the whole picture. My biggest fear in life is not being the best me I can be, a pretty tall order I know! But, isn’t this something we should all be thinking about each day? Life is far too short, as shown this past week, to be anything but our best, and I believe my best is to be someone who affects change in her community for the better, to call out hate where I see it, and to speak up for those whose voices cannot be heard.

I had the honor of attending the United State of Women Summit this past week (post coming soon) and it really opened my eyes to all the incredibly strong women around me that I hope to emulate. So all of this is to say that this week I learned a lot of invaluable lessons: there is so much life to live, don’t let the fear of change stand in your way ,and strive to keep the bigger picture in mind each and every day.


I would like to add that my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those lost this past week. But thoughts and prayers are not enough! It is time to do more to protect this country against gun violence, I urge everyone to stand up against hate when you see it and call your representatives and demand they vote for stronger gun control legislation. Together we can make a difference. 


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