In his book, The Promise of a Pencil, Adam Braun, writes about an experience he had in which he was snubbed at a dinner eventĀ  after someone discovered that Adam worked at or rather had founded a non-profit organization. Although I do not yet work in the non-profit sector, I canĀ  relate to his feelings of discouragement and resentment as I have received my fair share of funny looks when I proudly announce to people my dreams of joining the non-profit world after I graduate.

Of course I can’t blame them for their looks, I mean they are probably thinking why is a smart girl like her throwing away her money making potential by entering the non-profit world. And maybe, they are right… but I choose not see it that way. I see life as something worth living and the way I hope to live my life is by leaving this world better off then how I entered it. After that interaction with his judgmental peer Adam Braun writes that he decided to start talking about his work differently. Rather than introducing himself as having a non-profit job he started saying he worked in the for-change sector.

Working in non-profits does not have to be a bad thing nor does it have to mean living off Ramon noodles. I for one am proud to be soon entering the for-change sector.