Making a Goal and Sticking to It

Wow, it has been MONTHS since I have posted something on my blog. Not that I haven’t thought about it, but for some reason or another I have made it through an entire semester of college and only posted one time.

It’s pretty amazing how time can get away from you like that. Over the summer I heard that in order to keep up with a blog it is important to set some sort of concrete goal such as two posts a month, or once a week, but I thought that sounded so silly. I mean all summer I was able to keep up with the blog no big deal, why would I need to force myself to post a set amount of times? But of course as soon as the school year was in full swing with classes, a part time job, and plenty of extra commitments that thought of posting on my blog was at the very back of my mind!

With New Years and a brand new semester right around the corner it is the time of making goals, plans, and resolutions so to start it off I am going to make public for all to see that my very first goal of 2014 is to post on this blog once every two weeks (or twice a month!) Anything extra will just be icing on the cake.

I always feel better when I write so one would think that this would be any goal to keep, but realizing how little I blogged last semester I am not so sure. They say it is best to learn from your own failures, so I guess we can call last semester a failure meaning there is only up to go from here 🙂

Look out for a year in review post coming your way soon!