Details, Details, Details

Paying attention to the details is not one of my strong points. Well, actually, that is a lie. I used to be super organized, prepared, and very detail orientated, but then college happened. I do not know exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the way I lost track of my super organization skills and tiny things started to suffer.

As much as those detail people can be really annoying sometimes they are also usually the glue that holds everyone together. I want to be the glue! This year one of my goals is to get back to my super organized self. With so many classes, meetings, and activities there is no way I will survive the semester without it.

Today I am going to start by scheduling every hour of my time, including social activities and sleep! It is the worst feeling in the world not being prepared and I hope that by paying more attention to even the tiniest details I will be able to not only stay on top of my game but even push past it and always be two steps ahead!


Check out my super amazing life planner from Erin Condren!


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