Junior Year = Half Way Done

I cannot believe that in just a few short hours I will be heading off to my first class of junior year. I can still so vividly remember being dropped off by my parents to start my freshman year of college. The feeling of my stomach dropping as they left my dorm and headed home is one I will never forget. And yet here I sit a college junior, an upperclassmen, and that freshman year seems so far away.

I feel ready to take on the new challenges this semester is sure to bring, with harder classes, new opportunities, and the ever quickly approaching job hunt. But at the same point a small part of me wishes I could go back and experience the last two years all over again with their many ups and downs, even if it does mean being a freshman all over again. However, unfortunately for me this is obviously not possible so I guess I will just have to settle for living these next two years to the fullest.

I have spoken to a lot of seniors these past few days since being back in Austin and almost every single one has talked about how sad they are to be graduating and how much they feel they have missed out on. My hope is that I will be able to prevent some of these feelings by really taking advantage of the University and all it has to offer this coming year. After reading “Hacking College” by Dale J Stephens I realized that there are so many opportunities that Colleges have to offer students and yet few ever actually take advantage of them.

One of my goals for the year is to attend more University events, because I will never get an opportunity like this again.

In this spirit I decided to attend Gone To Texas last night with my friend, Caroline. It gave me chills listening to all the speakers and realizing how lucky I am to go to the BEST University in the World!

Hook Em! Here’s to 2 more years!



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