Books, Books, and more Books

Last week my mom said, “You know I’m surprised you haven’t read any books this summer.” And all of a sudden, I freaked out because she was right! My summer was ending in just two weeks and I had not read a single book— besides my summer school books of course!

So I ran over to the bookstore and started reading. Basically for five days straight I sat there and read and now I can proudly say that I read 4 books this summer. Not that many, I know, but hey its better than no books at all, right? Well anyways, luckily for me they turned out to all be really great books. Not only were they interesting but they all had a lot of good advice to share.

I went to the bookstore with no ideas of what books to pick up rather I just browsed the shelves until I found something interesting. Of course I ended up with educational, advice filled books (shocking I know) and after taking pages of notes (is it weird that I take notes in my free time!?) I decided to share with all of you some of what I learned.

First I read, Finerman’s Rules by Karen Finerman, CNBC’s “the Chairwoman”. She gave a ton of great advice for women in both business and life. One of my favorite pieces of advice that will be applying to me in two short years was, “A first job is a chance to get paid to learn, so learn all you can.” She also talks a lot about failure and she recommends realizing “that the future of the planet does NOT rest on every decision.”

I also read Hacking your Education by Dale J. Stephen. As a college dropout, Dale talks about the ways to supplement your education outside of college and even argues that college is not the best use of your time. As a college student myself, who has no interest in dropping out, I was still able to enjoy the book because Dale talked about so many ways to educate yourself both inside and outside of the college environment. He even says that Universities are awesome resources and it is important to take advantage of all they have to offer by attending lectures, professors office hours, and reaching out to alumni both inside and outside your department. I also really appreciated his take on the quote “it’s all about who you know.” He disagreed saying that “what you know will keep you in touch with who you need to know.”

I would definitely recommend these books for anyone looking for a good read filled with lots of great advice. And don’t forget I said I read 4 books, so be sure to also check out How to Find a Job on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and You are a Brand!!


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