My Guilty Pleasure…

Growing up dancing was a hobby, a passion, and my entire life. Nothing in the world could compare to the way I felt when dancing both in the dance room and on the competition floor. After a surgery and transferring out of the dance department in college, I honestly thought that I could never find that feeling again.

Before I knew it I was spiraling in a downward cycle in regards to my health and my weight. I had never actually “worked out” before. Sure I had taken a few Zumba and Pilates classes here and there but nothing really serious. So when all of a sudden I wasn’t dancing at all, I quickly realized that my eating habits coupled with no physical activity was not going to cut it. I tried running, the elliptical, and just about every class the gym had to offer, but nothing worked. I did NOT like to exercise. I had never before considered dancing as exercise and without it in my life everyday I was at a loss. For over a year I stopped exercising completely.

Then one day a brand new spinning studio called CYC opened up right behind my apartment. Everyone was raving about it, but having never taken a spin class, I did not even consider it. One Sunday evening I was feeling particularly upset about my unhealthy lifestyle, so on a whim I decided to sign up for a class the following morning at seven am. Seven am on a Monday morning sounds crazy, I know, and believe me when my alarm went off at six I was not very happy, but I did not want to waste my 1 free class so I got dressed, grabbed breakfast, and headed over. Not to be cheesy but that hour long class changed my life. I immediately called my mom so excited to have found a FUN workout for the first time in my life. And luckily for me a brand new spin studio, Revolution, had just opened up in our town center so I have been able to maintain my spinning obsession while at home in Sugar Land this summer.

Today, almost 6 months later I am a spinning addict! Like the title suggests it is what I like to call my guilty pleasure. I call it a guilty pleasure because it is something I am doing 100% for myself, not for my mom, or my friends, or any boy! I am selfish about my time an the spin studio and will not let anything stand in the way. Imagine that, my guilty pleasure is actually EXERCISING!

As a dancer I love that we ride to the rhythm of the music. It is basically just dancing on a bike! I started out my first week in the back of the class, embarrassed by my inability to keep up after having danced for over nine years, but now only six months later I am at the front of the class riding with the best of them. I have spent the entire summer taking classes at Revolution every single chance I get. Today I am actually taking two classes. (wish me luck!)

The feeling of pure pride I have when I walk out of the studio is unbeatable. I am loving the newer, healthier me and I would definitely recommend Revolution and CYC to anyone looking to make a change in their life.

Here’s to summer 2013 and a Sexy, Strong, Confident Me!



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