Time Log: Day 2

Well I am on day 2 of this time log experiment and I am already going crazy. Maybe it is the summer and my lack of schedule but this whole time logging thing is making me feel terrible about how much time I waste everyday— although I guess that was the point right!? Not the feeling terrible part, but rather bringing to my attention how much time in a day I waste on trivial things.

It has been a bit hard just because I basically have no schedule this summer but I guess that is even a better reason to keep track of my time. It seems that every time I enter a break whether it be winter or summer I have all these great plans for all the things I plan to accomplish and then surprise surprise I almost never do accomplish any of them. I keep reminding myself that I only have a month left but yet I don’t do anything about it.

However this little time logging experiment has got me in full panic mode and I am ready to try making some changes. The first of which being that as soon as I finish this blog post I am going to schedule out my entire day tomorrow from start to finish. It was driving me crazy filling in my excel document with all the trivial things I wasted my time on today. Rather then let myself waste time on facebook or checking e-mails while I try to come up with something else to do, I am going to try scheduling in the entire day in 15-min increments so that I know exactly what I am going to do next. My hope is that this will also give me more focus during each task because I will feel the pressure of my schedule.

Here’s to another day minus the craziness! Image

Today felt as crazy as that time I slept in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert in winter!


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