Details, Details, Details

Paying attention to the details is not one of my strong points. Well, actually, that is a lie. I used to be super organized, prepared, and very detail orientated, but then college happened. I do not know exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the way I lost track of my super organization skills and tiny things started to suffer.

As much as those detail people can be really annoying sometimes they are also usually the glue that holds everyone together. I want to be the glue! This year one of my goals is to get back to my super organized self. With so many classes, meetings, and activities there is no way I will survive the semester without it.

Today I am going to start by scheduling every hour of my time, including social activities and sleep! It is the worst feeling in the world not being prepared and I hope that by paying more attention to even the tiniest details I will be able to not only stay on top of my game but even push past it and always be two steps ahead!


Check out my super amazing life planner from Erin Condren!


Junior Year = Half Way Done

I cannot believe that in just a few short hours I will be heading off to my first class of junior year. I can still so vividly remember being dropped off by my parents to start my freshman year of college. The feeling of my stomach dropping as they left my dorm and headed home is one I will never forget. And yet here I sit a college junior, an upperclassmen, and that freshman year seems so far away.

I feel ready to take on the new challenges this semester is sure to bring, with harder classes, new opportunities, and the ever quickly approaching job hunt. But at the same point a small part of me wishes I could go back and experience the last two years all over again with their many ups and downs, even if it does mean being a freshman all over again. However, unfortunately for me this is obviously not possible so I guess I will just have to settle for living these next two years to the fullest.

I have spoken to a lot of seniors these past few days since being back in Austin and almost every single one has talked about how sad they are to be graduating and how much they feel they have missed out on. My hope is that I will be able to prevent some of these feelings by really taking advantage of the University and all it has to offer this coming year. After reading “Hacking College” by Dale J Stephens I realized that there are so many opportunities that Colleges have to offer students and yet few ever actually take advantage of them.

One of my goals for the year is to attend more University events, because I will never get an opportunity like this again.

In this spirit I decided to attend Gone To Texas last night with my friend, Caroline. It gave me chills listening to all the speakers and realizing how lucky I am to go to the BEST University in the World!

Hook Em! Here’s to 2 more years!


Books, Books, and more Books

Last week my mom said, “You know I’m surprised you haven’t read any books this summer.” And all of a sudden, I freaked out because she was right! My summer was ending in just two weeks and I had not read a single book— besides my summer school books of course!

So I ran over to the bookstore and started reading. Basically for five days straight I sat there and read and now I can proudly say that I read 4 books this summer. Not that many, I know, but hey its better than no books at all, right? Well anyways, luckily for me they turned out to all be really great books. Not only were they interesting but they all had a lot of good advice to share.

I went to the bookstore with no ideas of what books to pick up rather I just browsed the shelves until I found something interesting. Of course I ended up with educational, advice filled books (shocking I know) and after taking pages of notes (is it weird that I take notes in my free time!?) I decided to share with all of you some of what I learned.

First I read, Finerman’s Rules by Karen Finerman, CNBC’s “the Chairwoman”. She gave a ton of great advice for women in both business and life. One of my favorite pieces of advice that will be applying to me in two short years was, “A first job is a chance to get paid to learn, so learn all you can.” She also talks a lot about failure and she recommends realizing “that the future of the planet does NOT rest on every decision.”

I also read Hacking your Education by Dale J. Stephen. As a college dropout, Dale talks about the ways to supplement your education outside of college and even argues that college is not the best use of your time. As a college student myself, who has no interest in dropping out, I was still able to enjoy the book because Dale talked about so many ways to educate yourself both inside and outside of the college environment. He even says that Universities are awesome resources and it is important to take advantage of all they have to offer by attending lectures, professors office hours, and reaching out to alumni both inside and outside your department. I also really appreciated his take on the quote “it’s all about who you know.” He disagreed saying that “what you know will keep you in touch with who you need to know.”

I would definitely recommend these books for anyone looking for a good read filled with lots of great advice. And don’t forget I said I read 4 books, so be sure to also check out How to Find a Job on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and You are a Brand!!

My Guilty Pleasure…

Growing up dancing was a hobby, a passion, and my entire life. Nothing in the world could compare to the way I felt when dancing both in the dance room and on the competition floor. After a surgery and transferring out of the dance department in college, I honestly thought that I could never find that feeling again.

Before I knew it I was spiraling in a downward cycle in regards to my health and my weight. I had never actually “worked out” before. Sure I had taken a few Zumba and Pilates classes here and there but nothing really serious. So when all of a sudden I wasn’t dancing at all, I quickly realized that my eating habits coupled with no physical activity was not going to cut it. I tried running, the elliptical, and just about every class the gym had to offer, but nothing worked. I did NOT like to exercise. I had never before considered dancing as exercise and without it in my life everyday I was at a loss. For over a year I stopped exercising completely.

Then one day a brand new spinning studio called CYC opened up right behind my apartment. Everyone was raving about it, but having never taken a spin class, I did not even consider it. One Sunday evening I was feeling particularly upset about my unhealthy lifestyle, so on a whim I decided to sign up for a class the following morning at seven am. Seven am on a Monday morning sounds crazy, I know, and believe me when my alarm went off at six I was not very happy, but I did not want to waste my 1 free class so I got dressed, grabbed breakfast, and headed over. Not to be cheesy but that hour long class changed my life. I immediately called my mom so excited to have found a FUN workout for the first time in my life. And luckily for me a brand new spin studio, Revolution, had just opened up in our town center so I have been able to maintain my spinning obsession while at home in Sugar Land this summer.

Today, almost 6 months later I am a spinning addict! Like the title suggests it is what I like to call my guilty pleasure. I call it a guilty pleasure because it is something I am doing 100% for myself, not for my mom, or my friends, or any boy! I am selfish about my time an the spin studio and will not let anything stand in the way. Imagine that, my guilty pleasure is actually EXERCISING!

As a dancer I love that we ride to the rhythm of the music. It is basically just dancing on a bike! I started out my first week in the back of the class, embarrassed by my inability to keep up after having danced for over nine years, but now only six months later I am at the front of the class riding with the best of them. I have spent the entire summer taking classes at Revolution every single chance I get. Today I am actually taking two classes. (wish me luck!)

The feeling of pure pride I have when I walk out of the studio is unbeatable. I am loving the newer, healthier me and I would definitely recommend Revolution and CYC to anyone looking to make a change in their life.

Here’s to summer 2013 and a Sexy, Strong, Confident Me!


4 Majors: 2 Years, Crazy? I Think Not!

As a college student I am constantly being asked, “What is your major?” And I mean constantly, as in multiple times a day, everyday. My freshman year I would respond with a huge smile and proudly announce, “I am a dance major“. In return I usually heard “oh” or “wow, that’s interesting…” and almost always caught a look of shock, however brief. No matter how nice someone was they could never conceal their initial surprise at my response.

Now two years later and a proud government major the response is not much better. I still often hear the “oh” but instead it is usually followed by, “where do you want to go to law school?” Funny thing is, I don’t want to go to law school. Of course at some point I considered it as I have considered just about every possible career at one point or another, but at this point in my life I have decided that is one path I do not wish to take. How am I supposed to tell people that I am thinking about Jewish non-profit work, especially if they aren’t Jewish? But even worse, how do I say I DO NOT KNOW!? In all honesty I am not sure exactly what life path I am planning to take, and as hard as this is for me being the extreme planner that I am, it only feels worse when I have to respond to the ever imposing question, “What are you going to do when you graduate?”

This different dialogue is difficult for me to navigate as I am trying to convince myself that I am on the right path while at the same time constantly being bombarded with questions about my choice of major, career, and life plan.

After reading Madeleine’s Douglass’s article on Levo League, “Studying What you Love Won’t Hurt Your Career” I was reassured in my belief that all of these different choices I am exploring will only help me pinpoint exactly what I want to do in the future. So for all the students out there who are constantly jumping around and changing their minds, you are in good company! Whether or not you always wanted to be a doctor and suddenly realized you are bad at science, or like me an ankle surgery came in the way of your dance plans, it is OKAY. I firmly believe that this is the best time to explore, and though it drives my family a bit crazy, I am not going to let anyone’s questions stand in the way of finding my dreams and heading down the path that I choose to create for myself.

25 Situations only Non-Profit People Can Understand

25 Situations only Non-Profit People Can Understand

I just had to share this link! As a non-profit professional hopeful I definitely could understand and enjoy the humor in this list.

People often ask what I plan to do with my Bachelors in Government, law school perhaps? I just smile and say no, I want to do non-profit work. Some people think I’m crazy (my mom included) but in all honesty its not about what anyone else thinks. I am the kind of person who needs to always feel important, not in the high and mighty kind of way but instead in the finding my purpose in this world kind of way.

I have realized that the past two years of my life in all their crazy glory have been about searching to find my purpose in life. In reference to last nights post about the Ted talk titled “Why 30 is not the new 20” I am trying to find my identity now at 20 years old to prevent having an identity crisis later on in life. With each new experience I am one step closer to figuring out the kind of life I want to live.

Why 20’s are NOT the new 30’s

Meg Jay explains the importance of our 20’s and how to better prepare ourselves:
1. Get some identity capital
2. New opportunities come from our weak ties
3. The time to start picking your family is now

What a good reminder, that everyday is important. I have only just begun my 20’s and I hope that I will strive to live them to the fullest!