Productivity and Summer, yet to Happen

So I have really been struggling with how to be productive this summer. After last summer interning in DC nothing could even begin to compare… especially SUMMER SCHOOL!

After changing my major 4 times it was inevitable that I would have to take some summer school if I didn’t want to take 18 hours every semester. I told myself it was for the best because  I really didn’t want to take a bunch of core classes at the University of Texas when there are so many better classes to take, like Hebrew for example 🙂 But taking 4 classes in one summer meant no internship and only 2 weeks in Israel (I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but once you have been to Israel yourself you will understand, 2 weeks is not enough!) Summer school, especially online summer school means a lot of discipline because every day you have to force yourself to work without ever once stepping into a classroom. Now in the second summer session I have decided that it is better to leave the house to do my work, our home office just wasn’t cutting it– hence why I am sitting in Starbucks writing this post.  (Lesson Number 1: Find your perfect study work/environment! At home I like the bookstore, back at school the student Union is my go to spot.)

However for me, simply doing summer school is not enough. I have this little quirk where I feel the need to always be busy or productive. For example yesterday my mom and I were cleaning out the house, going through desks, cabinets, and closets to find things to get rid of. Usually I love “Spring Cleaning”, yes I know it is the middle of summer already, but for some reason at the end of the day I didn’t feel very accomplished. Probably because I had planned to study yesterday instead. I have found that not having a set schedule in the summer is really difficult for me. (Lesson Number 2: Having a schedule during the summer is key to reaching your goals.)

I definitely haven’t figured out the perfect formula for having a productive summer, probably because my definition of being productive is almost impossible to reach. However, with only one month left of summer I plan to put those two lessons to use, setting a daily schedule and working outside of the house. I have a long list of goals for the summer still yet to be accomplished but with a little structure and a lot of time I know I can complete it all. In order to keep myself accountable I am going to share with all of you my plan for a successful rest of the summer!

  1. Consolidate all of my lists into 1
  2. Create a schedule for the rest of the summer

I know this is pretty vague so far but once I get myself organized I will have a much better idea of what I’m dealing with.


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