Young Professional in the Making

Yesterday I was reading an article about the importance of having an online portfolio and I had the great idea to start a blog. How successful this blog will be is yet to be determined but I have a good feeling— it’s just like an online diary right?

I have considered starting a blog before but never knew what to write about. They say write about your passion, but I have many passions, for example; dance, Judaism, education, women’s empowerment, and the list goes on. I was taking a shower when the idea came to me –I mean who doesn’t have all their best ideas in the shower– I should write a blog about  my crazy obsession with joining the real world and how to become the BEST young professional I can be.

You see, the funny thing is though, I am still only a college student, so it not physically possible for me to be the BEST young professional just yet!

I have always been a planner, so  the fact that I have been thinking about the day I graduate college since I was in the 8th grade should come as no surprise. Therefore I decided to start this blog with two goals in mind; first to document my crazy journey over the next two years of college, and secondly to share what I am learning about being a young professional through the lens of a college student.

Wish me good luck!!Image


One thought on “Young Professional in the Making

  1. I love your blog already! :] I can’t wait to see where this little blog takes you! I came up with the idea of creating a blog in the shower because yes, that is where all the magical and best ideas are born. I agree. It has put me in contact with people that I wouldn’t have dreamed of and it is just an amazing outlet. The support from other bloggers is overwhelming! Good luck! Oh, and happy almost-birthday to you! :]

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